How Doing Treatment of Cervical Cancer With Natural Way

Cervical cancer treatment use natural way

Cervical cancer treatment use natural way,
Cervical cancer is described as a cancer that forms in cells of cervix. The cervix is an organ which is connecting the uterus and vagina in the female reproductive system. Cervical cancer is a slow-growing tumor and may not be immediately shows with no symptoms, but can be detected by a routine Pap test. This is a medical exam with a scraping of cells from the cervix are tested by you through a high power microscope.

It is known that almost all cervical cancer is caused by HPV (human papilloma virus). HPV is a virus that is often spread through cause sexual intercourse.

Other risk factors for cervical cancer are:
(1) birth control pills
(2) have many children
(3) having weak immune system
(4) at an early age doing sex
(5) smoking habbit
(6) sex with multiple partners

The great news is that if cervical cancer is detected early most of it treatable. So, what are the symptoms of cervical cancer?

cervical cancer symptoms we have to know

Cervical cancer based from experience is following symptoms like
(1) vaginal bleeding is abnormal
(2) a bleeding that occurs between menstrual time
(3) after sexual intercourse out of bleeding, pelvic examination
(4) bleeding after menopause
(5) menstruation again, heavier and more painful
(6) vaginal discharge is increased
(7) unusual pain when sexual intercourse
(8) abdominal pain

Stages of cervical cancer

Not more than five phases of cervical cancer you have to know. Phases are measure of cancer cells spread.

This phases are

(1) phase 0: this phase is usually defined as carcinoma situ. This is indication of invasive cervical cancer.

In this phase, only cells on the surface founded in the cervix, and because it cells not spread, a well known, get highly curable.

(2) phase 1: here the cancer cells have spread to the surface outside of the cervix and invades the whole cervix but are still scattered around the cervix, yet to beyond the cervix. At this phase, the cancer may be or not visible with naked eyes, cause it depends the size of tumor.

(3) phase 2: this is the phase when cells has spread beyond of cervix yet still confined in pelvic area. This phase, cancer cells can be expand about two thirds of vagina may or may not take in a tissue around the uterus.

(4) phase 3: at this phase, the cancer cells expand to lower third of vagina, may have spread to pelvic wall and may have caused damage to the kidneys. At this phase, the tumor could be enough obstacle the flow of urine from kidneys to bladder, causing kidney damage.

(5) phase 5: this is the biggest dangerous and last phase of cervical cancer. The spread of cancer cells in this phase till all other parts of the body. These cells may spread to organs for cervix like bladder and rectum; These cells may spread to distant organs such as the lungs.

What you need to know if you are diagnosed with cervical cancer

There are around seven questions you must answer, if you are diagnosed with cervical cancer. These questions are
1 What are the phase of cancer? The question is need cancer expand info.
2. what treatment options for me now? This option depending on the phase of your cancer, the patient etc.
3. what treatment options are right for me now? And how are the success rates of treatment options are recommended.
4. Are there have side effects of treatment which are recommended?
5. how long time needed to start treatment?
6. are other experts recommend permitted?
7. How about the cost of treatment?

Treatment for cervical cancer you need to know

There are four usual treatment for cervical cancer. There are chemotherapy, surgery, alternative therapies and radiotherapy. But before consider the treatment options, many factors must be included. This include type and phase of cervical cancer, your health condition, your age, and marital the patient status.

Surgery: this process involves lymph nodes surgical removal, the cervix, and surrounding tissues, or removal of the uterus, some part of vagina and cervix. However, in some cases, also remove ovaries and fallopian tubes.

This treatment way is appropriate for women who has pass through child bearing age or those who has manipulate their head to discontinue child bearing. The side effect is that lot of women get it psychologically complicated to overcome with sexual forwards with their husband after do the surgery causing of body changes and hormonal.

Chemotherapy: This treatment is involving cancerous cells using drugs.
Drugs type are created for killing of cancer cells yet most of occuring so far they also kill good cells inside our body ending to more harm than good.

Radiation therapy: In this process high power x-rays or other kinds of radiations are used to lower tumor size or for killing cancer cells. However, the side effect of this process like chemo treatments where its light kill cancer cells that are bad, but also kill good cells in the body and it will impact with great risk for the entire system of the body in the long run.

Alternative therapies: this process involves treatment of cervical cancer using herbs and other ways in addition to the normal approach with prayer (spiritual).
This method is proven to be the safest and effective in curing this deadly disease. Because in the other methods involving pieces of cells and body parts that are already infected, or the consumption of drugs in an attempt to destroy cells, but alternative therapies do a different and effective ways.

Can cancer belong as terminal illness?

Researchers so far have found the two approaches in the treatment of cancer. The first was destroying the source of the disease by doing the cutting part or even the whole body organs are affected, and the second approach i.e. increase body strength in the fight against the disease.

The suffocating reality that when drugs are used aim to kill cancer cells, the good cell be killed at the first. When a food supplement used to keep the body in improving immunity, cells that causing cancer also preserved even become stronger. In this both way, the cancer cells remained victorious and eventually causing death for sufferers.

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